Index of Pictures

  Sleepy Boys It's cold! March, march, march After takin' a header Calvin's new train set  

  He really likes it The Blue Fairy Eatin' Help me!  The laundry is eating me! Little Drummer Boy  

  Beat Those Skins 4/4 time Bupa and Calvin  

  Jack, Travis and Calvin Had a little too much to drink Yippe Ki Yay Mmmmm, blueberries Zonked  

  Sweetie Christmas Calvin and Buma Mary I'm gonna drive my car blech!  

  baby butt howdy! Balloon! Calvin likes to drum Momma's shoes  

  Wagon's Ho! Calvin and Cinco Up the hill Pulling a heavy load Cinco Dinko  

  Happy girl Olives Birthday at Grandma Audrey's Mouth full of cake and hand I can do it, I can do it  

  Almost there I made it! Wheeeee! Wow!  That wasn't hard Monkey Bars  

  Lickin' the beaters Birthday cake Playin' hard Grease Monkey Stoppin' to smell the flowers  

  Passed out Running wild Cutie Pie Studying hard Momma and Calvin  

  Sooo cool Diggin' In the Sand Building a sand castle Busy Buddies All done  

  Hey A day at the beach Tearing it down And away he goes All gone  

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